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About  Hemp Pharm

HempPharm is a member of the Canapax Traditional Healers Association in South Africa..

Canapax's main objective is the formalisation and restitution of traditional healers and their indigenous medicinal knowledge the the broader South Africa.

HempPharm exists as an ancilliary under the umbrella of Carapax in the production and growth of natural herbs for use as ingredients in the natural healing self-medication provided and produced by Carapax and the apprentices (interns) under the organisations wings.

We are located in the North-West province of South Africa and are farm herbs for natural healing products. The farming done by Hemp Pharm produces top quality yields of the natural healing products due to a high level of care being given by dedicated, knowledgable staff and more importantly, the quality of the naturally available water and phenimonal fertility of the actual farmlands where our operations are carried out.